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Call it Satanic or call it common sense.

If they do not stop, destroy them

If Satan needs consent u need consent

Today on “I didn’t know I was a Satanist”


There are so many misconceived notions of modern satanism. It is seriously the most interesting religion (you can barely call it that though.) And it just makes so much sense. They don’t support rape, child abuse, or theft. They DO support all forms of pleasure, so long as any other person involved has given their full and continuous consent. This includes gay sex and masturbation. HELL YEAH LAVEY

Common sense, or purposeless animosity?? This list is full of contradictions wtf…awkward moment when half of tumblr swoons over a completely bland and unoriginal ideals

It seems all you need is any mention of ‘consent’ and everybody falls for it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread? Why not celebrate non-satanic consent? What’s so special about the satanic framing of it lol? Oh yea bc sooo hardass and “metal” unlike ordinary sensible people who support consent right haha

Like did everybody miss the part where cruelty is encouraged upon trivial disturbance? Or the part about not killing nonhuman animals “unless it’s for food?” It’s kinda just like a validation thing for people to feel ok with being selfish and feeling justified in t because either “hey THEY did it to me first” or “but I was hungry lol get out of my space” like yeah ok lets see where that life gets you

Uncritical hedonic idealists

1. Okay

2. Okay

3 Reasonable

4. *Accidentally spills wine on your new carpet* SHOW NO MERCY.

5. I didn’t hear “ca-caw”, are we doing this?

6. Trying to relate physical objects to emotional burdens and/or physical work? There goes my Illuminati conspiracy theory.

7. Terrifying.

8. Okay

9. What about older children? How young is young? Like not ordering kids meals anymore?

10. LOL @ Stricter rules for killing animals than people. 

11. Me whenever I get catcalled.